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  • How Long Will It Take To Finance Your Medical Procedure

    The Advance Care Card is a great solution for financing an elective medical procedure, but one if the important issues that patience face is timing. By definition, an elective procedure is not urgent, but patients still want to secure their financing in a timely manner, and schedule the procedure as soon as possible.

    How this card works

    Once patients and their doctors have agreed on a treatment plan that requires financing, patients can immediately apply for the Advance Care Card. In most cases, an online applicant will receive an immediate decision, however some applications may require an additional 24- 48 hours. Once approved, patients and health care providers can schedule the procedure with the confidence that financing is also available.

    When does the financing period begin?

    The most qualified applicants will receive a card with 14 months of interest free financing on their medical procedure, while less qualified applicants may only be approved for a card with a six month promotional financing period. The 14 month period begins on the date the account is approved, not when the card is mailed, received, activated, or used. During this time, interest is not being accrued, but cardholders will be responsible for making a minimum payment each month.

    At the end of the promotional financing period, interest will begin being charged on the remaining balance, as the standard interest rate. And unlike other competing financing products, cardholders who still have a balance at the end of the promotional financing period will only start to incur interest charges on the remaining balance, and will not be responsible for paying interest on the entire amount from the date of purchase. This is an important distinction that can represent hundreds of dollars of interest charges.

    Other things to know about this financing program

    To apply, patients must be at least 18 years old, and have no bankruptcies in the last five years. Applicants must also have a monthly income of at least $1,500. Those who do not meet these requirements can apply with a co-signer. In addition, the card  can also be used to finance procedures for other family members.


    There is no cost to apply for the Advance Card Card, and there is never any annual fee. Once approved, cardholders will be informed of their credit limit and the duration of their promotional financing period. After a charge is processed, the balance can be paid off at any time without incurring a pre-payment penalty.

    What procedures are covered?

    Covered procedures can include nearly any type of medical treatment including cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, chiropractic care, erectile dysfunction treatment, hair restoration, hormone therapy, infertility treatment, lasik surgery, psychiatry, and weight management.

    Bottom line

    Don’t let financing hurdles come between you and the medical care you want and need. The Advance Care card is the solution to your patient financing needs, and it only takes a few seconds to apply online. By applying now, you can have your financing in place immediately so that you can schedule your procedure as soon as possible.

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